Denise Austin is a digital platform for women to find content to help them keep a healthy and happy lifestyle.


The Ask: To redesign the old, a website primarily offering a 10-week workout & meal plan.

Originally tasked to redesign the old by re-doing the information architecture and visual design, our initial stakeholder and user interviews quickly revealed to the team and I the opportunity to expand Denise Austin's offering beyond just an online fitness plan but a constantly evolving content platform for Gen-X and Baby Boomer women across the United States.

Our goal was to provide Gen-X and baby boomer women a safe digital space to share their stories, achievements, challenges, and motivations. We wanted to create a digital platform to help women achieve their life goals, fitness related or otherwise.


My Role

To manage the design team as well as help build the initial strategic framework and interaction design for the Denise Austin digital ecosystem. This included acquisition strategy, content strategy, and design of 



The Audience

We narrowed down our target audiences into two distinct demographics each with different needs. We based our research on Denise Austin's existing user base and social followers; after some initial research into new markets, we found her existing audience to want exactly what we had planned, a more involved interactive digital experience.


Baby Boomers

(Age: 52-70)

Description:In 2015 the 79 million baby boomers represented 39% of the total income and 34% net worth in the U.S. Although this generation is aging, their approach to health and fitness and willingness to try something new, make baby boomers a huge opportunity.

Baby Boomers are:
• Looking for personalized exercise based on abilities and goals
Redefining the idea of fitness as a means to better health and overall quality of life, not just sculpting the body


Generation X

(Age: 34-54)

In general, Gen X’ers predominantly consider themselves to be a healthy group, with 87% reporting good, very good or excellent health. They have experienced tech from rotary dial phones through to fingerprint-reading-all-encompassing smart phones. This has made them adaptable and responsive to changes in society.

Gen X’ers are:
• Adaptable and responsive to changes in technology.
• More likely than anyone else to exercise on their own. For them, exercise is a perfect time to be alone and mindful. It’s an ideal antidote to wash away the daily pressures of normal life.


Identifying their Behaviors



Designing the Platform


Organizing the Content


Establishing the Navigation

Default Navigation

Item Added to Bag

Logged In Navigation

Mobile Navigation


Wireframing Pages



  Create an Account

Create an Account

  10 Week Plan Week View

10 Week Plan Week View

  10 Week Plan Daily View

10 Week Plan Daily View


Planning the Content


Thought Leadership

For "Thought Leadership" we invited different experts to share information, tips, and content around their respective discipline. We wanted to provide members content from a number of different sources to build legitimacy and move away from a singular brand ambassador. (Denise Austin)

Unforseen Learnings and Insights



Through a few sessions of usability testing and qualitative user interviews, we found that users were valuing the community aspect of the platform much more than previously anticipated, so before launch we decided to beef up the community section offering within the platform.

"We want to create a digital space that encourages women to interact, share their health and fitness journeys, support one another, and hold each other accountable to their goals. We want the LifeFit community to be THE destination for women to find help, information, and encouragement for the issues they face. "



When launching a new product or service, we cant forget about creating awareness and buzz around the launch and the new platform. This involved creating a strategy for SEO, online advertising, social (both organic & paid), and a robust email strategy to drive conversion for new members, and to drive old members to re-enroll.



Personal Reflections


Managing a team responsible for the end to end user experience

This was one of the first projects where i had a hand in managing the team that dealt with the end to end user experience. From acquisition and conversion all the way to bringing product value to the user. Managing has a huge learning curve, and to also provide oversight in multiple different disciplines required a lot of collaboration, long nights, and intent listening to fully able to understand and support the different members of the team.


A robust content strategy

Having been mainly responsible for the interaction design across a number of different projects, Denise Austin & LifeFit allowed me to take more of a hands on approach in crafting the content strategy. From content updates, ideation, public outreach, and community involvement, this project really allowed me to get more in-depth with a discipline that i up until this point, only had experience supporting. This really showed me that content strategy is a full time commitment to a content platform like and although i did enjoy ideating and thinking about the different kinds of content updates to bring to life and their execution, my main passion point would be in designing the interactions, business modeling, and information architecture.