Jiyong Lee - UX Designer

This is the website for UX Designer Jiyong Lee based in Los Angeles California.


Hey, Im Jiyong

I solve problems with design.
Right now I've been focused on redesigning StandOut, a talent platform built to help team leaders become better leaders.

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A platform that helps leaders do what the best team leaders do.

Date: July ‘17 – October ‘18



Denise Austin

A fitness and wellness platform for female Gen-X'ers and baby boomers.

Date: November '16 – February '17




A dynamic pricing energy provider focused on consumer facing transparency.

Date: October '16 - January '17



Samsung Retail Mode


The demo application loaded on all display/test Samsung S7 devices given to retailers.

Date: December '15 – February '16



Flemings Steak House

The digital property for Fleming's Prime Steak House Restaurant.

Date: November '13 – April'14



Max Steel

Immersive website for popular Mattel boy's cartoon Max Steel.

Date : April '13 – May'14


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